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Value Proposition For Renters

There are no fees. Avoid VRBO and other 3rd party fees and charges and rent directly from homeowners or local property management firms.  You’ll get the lowest cost by renting directly from the local homeowner or property management firm hired by the local homeowner. Avoid VRBO Fees. Vacation Rentals Direct From Home Owners' Cooperative.Value Proposition For Homeowners & Property Managers

We’re all in this together and we’re stronger if we all build this together.  We should have built this type of cooperative years ago and we would all be much better off today.

It will give us all a hedge against VRBO, etc. and one rental a year will easily offset the $99 annual subscription fee.  Over time, we’ll likely raise the fee $100 per year and then cap it at $499 annually. This is what we are doing in Sanibel & Captiva; the annual fee is capped at $499. Period.

If you would like to list your property on the site, just send us an email message with a high-quality image of your property, a property description and a link to the property booking site (your own site or your property management firm’s listing of your home or condo).  Our email address is

All transactions are done through a secure Paypal account.

Please choose your location and click the subscribe link below.

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Charlie & Tim, Stripers!
Charlie & Tim, Striper Fishing In Kayaks!

Captiva is ramping up very rapidly and our guess is that other locations will do the same.  If you have any changes you would like to make to a property listing or you would like to take a property down from the site, you can reach us at the above email address and we’ll be glad to a make any changes and be helpful in any other manner.

Charlie attends Haverford College and his background is in building and running fishing sites including, and

Tim’s background is in starting online network businesses including,, and

Keep up the good fight!

Tim & Charlie Landon